One-day tours

Tour One

Cherry Grove to Ohinepane

Set aside a day and take a guided tour on the majestic Whanganui river. This section of river is the most challenging because of the fast water and the many dynamic rapids. Be captivated by the beauty of the native bush, listen to the calls of the native birds, listen to the interpretive stories of historical sites as you paddle. Our guides are tribally connected to the river, which adds an extra dimension, for you, the visitor. Revel in their company, as they give you an experience not to be missed – experience their humour and generosity, their culture – all for you, our guests, from near and far.

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Tour Two

Ohinepane to Tawata

Another one day tour for you the visitor. This section of river is adorned by beautiful native flora and fauna. Test your mettle in the rapids, as it contains many rapids that are demanding, safe and funfilled. Marvel at the skill of your Maori guides as they traverse this section of the river. Listen to their stories of the history as it once was, and told in a way, as only they can tell it. Visit the many historical sites, and feel the place come alive as stories of old are unfolded. Listen to stories of the many old Pa (Maori Village) sites that are now uninhabited, and known only to our Guides, be privileged to visit them, where no others can go…only with our Guides!

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Feel the prestige of the Iwi (Tribe) who live on the river.
Enjoy being guided by those connected to the river via Tribal links.
Hear stories of romance and wars as they occured in days of old.
Visit these preserved and secret sites and see first hand how our people of the river live.

At destinations end, be enthralled by a traditional farewell (poroporoake) that our guides will extend to you – long after you have departed from our lands and river, you, the visitor will never forget your time with us, i.e. being embraced within the Love and generosity of the river Tribes, and having shared a journey with our Guides that you will never forget!

The Journey includes:

  • your seat on a 2 or 6 person waka (Canandian canoe)
  • equipment for your journey – floating device , paddle, barrel, bailer, ropes etc
  • each waka has a dedicated highly trained Maori guide
  • morning tea, lunch, and indigenous snack once off the river
  • operates 7 days (minimum of 4 pax to depart/or equivalent value)
  • transport to and from the river (conditions apply)
  • Optimum period October to May (summer season)
  • Operational all-year round

Cost of journey

Fully Guided Package (includes NZ Goods & Services Tax)

  • Adult: from NZ$150:00 per person
  • Child: from NZ$120:00 per child (conditions apply)

Rates apply from 1st September 2005 to 30 September 2006
(weather and river conditions permitting)

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